Marcus Rashford and the playbook for athletic activism

  • Choose a simple and clear objective with consistent messaging of what you are pushing for. The outcome Rashford wanted was fairly simple and achievable i.e. for the government to provide extra funding
  • Bring your message to the right audience on the right channel. He knew MPs and their constituents would be on Twitter, watching BBC Breakfast and reading the Times.
  • Know the issue inside-out, become an expert on the policy. Marcus Rashford lived through the issue, he knows the consequences and the impact it has on millions of children across the country — likely even more than MPs themselves. This also helped his authentic delivery to champion the cause.

“Young Manchester City footballer, 20, on £25,000 a week splashes out on mansion on market for £2.25 million despite having never started a Premier League match” and “Manchester City starlet Phil Foden buys new £2m home for his home”.



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