Is Uber’s “commitment to improving safety” enough?

So after a few years have passed, has anything changed?

Now living in San Francisco, on my way to the grocery store, a huge billboard caught my eye. “Relax they know you’re on your way” in lights and a picture of an assured woman in the back seat of a black car. This was part of Uber’s “Moving Forward” brand campaign detailing how they’re “committed to improving safety for every rider and driver” on their network.

Are these changes enough to really make an impact on improving safety?

They’re definitely a step in the right direction and even though it seems like a lot of the announcements are just a part of re-branding narrative, Uber is at least finally addressing something they had previously shrugged off.



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Robin Bhaduri

Robin Bhaduri


Former Product Manager @Google. Worked in 3 different continents across lots of different product. Former Co-founder @Luna