2020 has ruined pretty much everything fun and the festive season is about to fall prey to the pandemic. In a normal, “non-pandemic” year, we would be gearing up for some enjoyable festive spirit. The corporate world would be preparing to put on celebrations, whether they’re lavish gala parties, in-office events or just drinks at the local. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on corporate revelry but during the times of COVID, should we even bother?

As we’re hitting all-time high infection rates in the Northern hemisphere, it’s clear any in-person gatherings are off the cards and I doubt…

On the morning of 13th August, as has been for generations, British students with eager anticipation opened envelopes and checked emails to find out their A-level results (school leaver exams). These exams have a huge impact on what the students do next. Universities make offers to students based on their predicted grades and on the condition they achieve them.

Unlike generations past, they didn’t even sit their exams due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Instead, the UK government decided to base results on teachers’ predictions and statistical modeling. …

And what everyone else can learn from it

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On June 18, the British government suddenly abandoned development of its contact tracing app, which was intended to tell people if they had come into close proximity with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. It worked 4% of the time.

That completely unacceptable result came from poor decisions based on hubris and a lack of technical understanding. The British government was aiming to build a “world-beating” app without the knowledge of the foundations that the technology was being built on.

From the perspective of a former Google product manager, the U.K.’s …

On 15th June, Marcus Rashford, one of Europe’s hottest prospects in football, wrote an impassioned letter to all 650 British Members of Parliament asking them to reverse their decision to cancel the food voucher scheme that feeds 1.3 million school children over the summer holidays.

The free school meals program, a policy that originated back in 1906 as part of the Education (Provision of Meals) Act has become a pillar for British low income families.

“Food poverty in England is a pandemic that could span generations” he wrote and “one quarter of these 1.3 million children have not been given…

A place to find APMM and PMM programs to apply to, and advice on breaking into the field.

Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) programs are special new grad roles designed to train young top talent to be great product marketing leaders. Programs are usually a couple of years in length and have a few rotations between teams within the company. They’re highly-regarded programs that help you build skills needed to become a world-class marketer.

Programs offered

Here are some examples of the top Associate Product Marketing Manager programs. …

Earlier this month, I spent a fortnight working at Campus London, a space for startups, run by Google, as an advisor for Campus Experts Summit. This program brings Google employees to Campuses across the world (Madrid, Seoul, Warsaw, Sao Paulo) for 2 weeks to provide hands-on mentoring for startups.

For me it was a fantastic way to get back into startup life and get out of the corporate “comfort zone”. …

Three and a half years ago I wrote an article titled “Why Uber needs to roll out its safety measures ASAP”. Uber was facing a tirade of safety calamities and I had just founded a start-up, Luna, that aimed to be your personal assistant for safety. We had conducted surveys, and found that over 50% of our respondents had taken a taxi to feel safer at night rather than walking. I argued that the tech industry had neglected one of the most crucial problems in life, personal safety.

So after a few years have passed, has anything changed?

Now living in San Francisco, on my way to the grocery store…

After trudging through the dilapidated streets of Howrah, a suburb of Kolkata, India, for a good 35 minutes in the sweltering summer heat, I finally reached Mr Kapil Goenka’s small plywood store. His oldest son, Hari, immediately offered me a chair and a cup of tea. After exchanging pleasantries, Mr Goenka asked me a question hundreds had asked before: “Why on earth are you, a British Indian, working for an American tech company, visiting me?”

This wasn’t the first time I was asked this question — in fact for the last two years, I had been asked that question over…

Scientific research has been notoriously slow on keeping up with technological change

An old friend once told me, write about what you know rather than what you aspire to be. Working since late September in a University of Oxford lab 9 to 6pm gives me some confidence in my knowledge of what everyday life is like for the science researcher.

Over the past few months, what I’ve noticed most about the difference between the start-up and academic worlds is the pace of change. Although there have been small breakthroughs in recent years and growing interest in ‘lab start-ups’, the world of research cannot deny it has been too slow in adopting new mentalities and technologies. Laden with institutional bureaucracy and hampered with protracted funding and publishing systems, the juggernaut of academic research is slow to change direction.

However, more and more independent research organisations and DIY labs have been cropping up around the world and tech start-ups specialising in building…

It’s now almost a year ago, since I was wondering around London late at night, using Google Maps to get back home when it led me down a dark alley way and I started to get the spooks. It sparked the flame that became Candle Path, which is your personal assistant for safety at night.

After eventually getting back home that night, I thought I should look more into safety issues. It turned out that it wasn’t just me..51% of people don’t feel safe at night and when I asked over 100 people, 90% of people believed they needed something…

Robin Bhaduri

Former Product Manager @Google. Worked in 3 different continents across lots of different product. Former Co-founder @Luna

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